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Year in Racked

2016 Resolutions! How Miami's Influencers Plan on Having the 'Best Year Ever'

As 2015 wraps up, we've tapped in a handful of reputable fashion and fitness friends to weigh in on the year's greatest hits (and misses) for our Year in Racked! This January, we're rolling out content to help you have the "Best Year Ever." To start off, let's see what fashion and fitness resolutions our influencers have made.

Miami's Biggest Gym Openings of 2015

SoulCycle, suburb expansions, and the great yoga merger of 2015.

Influencers on Miami's Biggest Fashion and Fitness Wins This Year

Plus, what they'd like to see in 2016.

Miami's Biggest Store Openings of 2015

27 stores in Wynwood, 21 in the Design District, and SO many more.

How Miami Stayed in Shape This Year

Barry's, Vixen, and a whole lot of pilates.

Miami Influencers Reveal 2015's Worst Trends

Hyped up collabs, kitten heels, androgyny, and more.

Minimalism, Sneakers, and Pom Poms: Miami Influencers Divulge 2015's Best Trends

Nine Miami influencers on the fashion trends they couldn't get enough of.