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You Can Now Have a Cuban Care Package Delivered Monthly to Your Doorstep

With all the Café Bustelo, Conchita cookies, and dominos you could dream of.

McDonald's Hosted a Couture Fashion Show Last Night

From McDouble to McFancy.

Buy $2 Million in Birkin Bags at Its First Ever Pop-Up Yacht Next Weekend

You can purchase every single one plus a VanDutch yacht for the lowly price of $4 million.

Some Hialeah Hoaxer Photoshopped Jay-Z's Hialeah Tee

We fell for it, and so did the rest of Miami.

Jay-Z Reps Hialeah With an IAE Tee

The billionaire rapper seems to be fond of the "City of Progress."

The Largest Mall in America Could Be Opening in Miami Lakes, Artificial Ski Slope Included

Legoland, submarines, an artificial ski slope, and 500,000 square feet of high-end retail could soon be your biggest draw to visit Miami Lakes.

Disney's First Latina Princess Starred in 'Sh*t Miami Girls Say'

A Day in the Life of a UM Sorority Girl Includes Extreme Yachting

Delta Delta Gamma at the University of Miami has just released the recruitment video of all recruitment videos.