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Find Elevated Basics and Custom Gifts at Spin Gallery, Wynwood's Newest Under $100 Boutique

Its owner hand-built everything inside, literally.

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Spin Gallery is Wynwood's truest maker's boutique. We say this because everything you see inside has been custom built, refurbished, or repurposed by hand. Who's hands? Those of Ashley Artidiello, better known to Miami's fashion set as Ashley Sixto.

The girl can make a canvas out of anything. A spare dumbcane leaf? She'll scribble on it with her charming calligraphy. Spare pipelines hanging around? She'll use them to make an industrial-inspired clothing rack. If you need the perfect wooden signage for an event or your home, then say the words and she'll script them on and sand them over until they've reached design nirvana.

"It's so therapeutic for me, building and putting things together," says the store owner. "I went to Home Depot and I drew [what I wanted] out and I'm like, ok, just tell me where the isle is because I already know what I'm doing. They asked, 'Do you need help?' I said I got it, I have my power tools at home, I know what I'm doing."

But let's not skim over what these plumbing pipe racks and refurbished wooden tables are holding, because Spin Gallery is much more than a display of Sixto's gorgeous DIY projects. Nope, Spin Gallery is Wynwood's newest under $100 boutique for stylish Miami babes, where you can find elevated basics for every casual occasion, from boho music festivals to adventure days.

Accessories like lightweight aviators, western-inspired hats and belts, and stone chord necklaces run anywhere between $20 and $40. Ribbed body suits, rust colored blouses, and easy open back or off the shoulder dresses (to name a few categories) cost between $30 and $50. Lace-up shoes and fringe handbags lie anywhere between $40 and $60. Plus, it's a great boutique for one of a kind gifts like Sixto's custom-designed globes and mugs.

What was supposed to be an Art Basel pop-up has manifested itself into a dreamy brick and mortar where rainbow hued stepping stones and a lush succulent garden usher you inside to explore. Sixto founded her online clothing boutique two years ago, but she briefly put the project on hold when she briefly moved to Spain. "When I got there, it didn't feel right. Moving what I had already started here where my roots are– it wouldn't have been the same," she says. "So when we came back I reopened online and then on Etsy." And now, she has a charming local store.

In addition to filling Spin Gallery with chic boho basics and unique home goods, Sixto frequently hosts workshops and events where she calls in local makers to teach us their crafts, from putting together terrariums to making macramé plant hangers. But her plans go beyond weekly crafting parties.

"What I want to do is really build a community. As far as artists and artisans go, they come in and they teach us their trade or host a pop-up just that month," she says. "Hopefully soon it will grow into a bazaar since we have a parking lot out front. We'll be bringing our own mini flea market. I wanted to create a platform for people to be able to feature stuff that they normally can't."

It seems she's already well on her way to doing this, making us all look good while she's at it.