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Find a Date at Our Speed-Dating 'Boo' Camp This Saturday

Playing matchmaker with LegacyFit this Valentine's Day Weekend.


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You join a gym for one of two reasons. One, you actually want to workout and those at-home videos just aren't cutting it for you anymore. Two, there's at least an ounce of you that subconsciously wishes to meet someone while there (if you're single, of course). Because Valentine's Day is this weekend and the looming thought of spending an entire Sunday alone in this near perfect Miami weather is really messing with your serotonin levels, we've partnered with local bootcamp gym LegacyFit to play matchmaker.

This Saturday we'll be hosting a Racked Fit Club at the massive fitness center on the outskirts of Wynwood at 12:15pm. You'll be conquering 20 different fitness stations, only instead of sticking with the same partner for the entire hour-long workout, you'll be switching mates every two minutes. The class is open to 20 girls and 20 guys, which means you have 20 solid chances at finding love. If you can manage to stay charming while you're bench pressing 50 or sprinting for 40, then you're bound to leave with at least a few numbers by the end of class and make it through anything a first date might throw at you.

Stick around to mingle after, because Dr. Smood, Wynwood's newest juice shop, will be providing after workout refreshments (they're delicious– trust us). The deadline to sign up is this Friday, February 12th at 12pm, so relay the message to your squad of singles (both girls and guys) and RSVP to

Legacy Fit

77 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137, USA