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Update: Dadeland's Parking Lot Perv Has Been Caught

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This just in: there's a naked man on the loose at Dadeland Mall. WSVN reports that officials are looking for a man who's been exposing himself to innocent shoppers as they walk to and from their cars at the mall.

Here's how he strikes: he drives up to women, rolls down his window, lifts himself up, and shows them his private parts. A police report says that at least on one occasion post-exposure, "The subject then fled westbound on the south side of the mall street."

The man has been spotted in the parking lots surrounding Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, but don't worry– Nordstrom is on it. In a statement, the company declared "We are partnering with mall security and the Police department in this investigation.''

Other actions taken include installing surveillance cameras surrounding the store. Either way, if you notice any pervy behavior going out, help your fellow shoppers out and let authorities know right away by calling Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

Update: Alright ladies and gentlemen, you can go back to your regular shopping habits. According to NBC 6, Dadeland Mall's parking lot perv has been caught, this time with his pants on. The man is 26-year-old Jose Antonio Gort, and authorities were able to find him through a reported liscence plate. Ready for the plot twist? It was his girlfriend's car! Jort is facing a judge today on three counts of indecent exposure.

Dadeland Mall

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