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Girl Gang Love! Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Your Besties

All made by local Florida gals.

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No one deserves a Valentine's Day gift more than your best buds. They're always on call to listen to horrid stories about "that guy from last night," they offers free style consultations on whether or not that backpack is a good idea to wear to the bar, and they don't judge you on your shit– they calls you on it and laugh about it with you. They were there before BAE and they'll be there after BAE, so show your girl gang some love this year and get her something to say "Thanks for putting up with me."

Plus, this is the only holiday of the year that's dedicated to the color pink (if you hadn't noticed from Mac's way too rosy Flamingo Park launch). If that doesn't say "support your local girl gang," we don't know what does, which is why we've handpicked 13 gifts and cards designed and made by local Florida gals. Whether it's a coffee mug from Tampa for those "Literally Can't Even" vent sessions or a pizza necklace that's complete only when you're together, you're sure to find a little some-somethin' for the gal pals in your life.