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Luv Nail Shop Brings a Pinterest Perfect, Vegan Friendly Nail Salon to Midtown

Your weekly mini indulgence is served.

Instagram/Luv Nail Shop

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While we're all for budget-friendly, get-the-job-done manicures and splurgy spa experiences, there's nothing like a mini indulgence. It's that nightly bottle of wine or a warm bubble bath at the end of a long day, that fine piece of chocolate or a little lingerie store splurge. In this case that mini indulgence lies in a trip to Luv Nail Shop, a spa-like boutique nail experience in the heart of Midtown Miami.

About a year ago, Vane Altman-Garzon was frustrated with Miami's lack of suitable nail salons. The noise level was always high, the sanitary conditions were not up to her standards, and there was nothing particularly chic about any of the places she'd visited. Inspired by the nail salons she'd seen in New York and LA, she took matters into her own hands and founded Luv as a place where Miami's most discerning nail enthusiasts could receive high quality, health-focused service in a stylish, Pinterest-perfect setting.

She tapped in interior designers she'd befriended during her days working at Emilio Robba in the Design District to help set the scene. Instead of bulky, bacteria-filled pedicure chairs, there are modern club chairs and ceramic pedicure basins which are both easier on the eye and easier to keep sanitary. On its glamorous grey walls hang custom paintings by Oliver Gal, the Miami-based artist collective that's perfect for a bachelorette pad. In the front of the store there's a cute little shop-in-shop where you can find gifts and lifestyle goods, including a detox powder made by local organic health coach Giselle Orentas of La Vida Organica.

At each manicure station you'll sit not on clunky rolling chairs but on beautiful ghost chairs where you'll watch your manicurist file, buff, and paint your nails, not with OPI or Essie products, but instead with vegan-friendly and five-free brands like Smith & Cult, Deborah Lippman, and CND if you're interested in Shellac. Tea and fruit-infused water is always served and you get to bring home your own nail buffers and files to ensure the upmost hygienic care.

Luv Nail Shop offers three tiers of nail pricing. There's Gorgeous ($50) which gets you a basic mani and pedi coupled with an almond oil massage. There's Confident ($70), which is the salon's Shellac service. Finally, there's Redifined ($75), which is the total package: exfoliation, extended massage, a hot towel wrap, and more using local produce. Of course, you can get separate services; a basic manicure starts at $20. Right now Luv also offers waxing services and Altman-Garzon tells us that facial services could be on the horizon soon.

Ready for your little mini indulgence? Luv Nail Shop is open on Tuesday through Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Indulgent spa music, organic tea, and a great experience is always included.

Luv Nail Shop

3246 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127, USA