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Last Week, Racked Fit Club Gave MatBox a Solid Swing at Pilates ProWorks

We left a little fitter, a little feistier.

Pilates ProWorks

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We're only two months into the new year and we've already successfully completed four grueling workouts with our Racked Fit Club fam. Last week we put our best gloves forward and headed to Pilates ProWorks, the Gables' newest pilates and boutique boxing studio, to give the brand's signature MatBox class a try.

It was intense, to say the least! Former Tampa Bay Rays player Alex Koronis lead us through the 45-minute class, where we learned how to properly jab, right cross punch, and side kick. Our breaks were filled with burpees and squats, and we finished the class with some muscle burning, ab forming Pilates moves and yoga poses.

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After class readers were treated to Jugofresh's newest line of longer lasting CPP juices and hair tie bracelets by local line By Lilla, which are a very cute alternative to basic black hair ties. We're all a little fitter and a little feistier thanks to MatBox. Can't wait for you to join us for our next Racked Fit Club!