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Find Trendy Turkish Towels at Bask, Little River's Newest Home Boutique

Perfect for beach days or cozy wine nights.


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Never underestimate the power of a good towel or throw. It's a thread that pulls together a minimal space, making it cozy without the eyesore of a giant quilt. Plus, you can easily repurpose it for a picnic or a beach day, without having to switch to a larger tote. But you need not trek all the way to West Elm for one that's cool. In fact, Miami's most unique Turkish towel boutique can be found right inside a recently converted warehouse on 79th St, in Miami's burgeoning Little River district.

Bask is a new local boutique that specializes in carrying unique yet simple towels. Hand-loomed in Turkey, these towels are as soft as a blanket and go way beyond the use of a traditional towel, as you can don one as a scarf or sarong or use it in your home as a table cloth or tapestry.

Store Curator, Rebecca Euceda, came up with the idea for the store while on a trip in Turkey.  "I was approached by a small wooden boat with three young ladies selling these beautiful pieces of fabric," she says. "From that moment on, I was in love with Turkish Towels. I made it my mission to bring them back to the United States and share them with the world."

Photo: Bask

And so she did, opening a quaint home decor boutique to go with her overseas discovery. Gift items, baby blankets, throws, and home cushions can all be found here, in addition to customizable jewelry pieces by Italian line iBamboli and unique vintage items for the home. The towels are priced pretty fairly. Average sized versions range from $45 to $89 (depending on the extent to which they're loomed by hand), and oversized towels, which are large enough to use as bedding, go from $130 to $250.

Photo: Bask

Euceda believes Miami is the perfect place for Bask to thrive, since a lot of leisure activities are water-based and require towels. (Beaching or yachting, anyone?) It's also very sunny here in Miami, so many people like to wear shawls and cover-ups. The light colors and uses for the towels certainly fit the aesthetic and lifestyle of our fashion-forward jetset and mythical earth babes alike.

For now, the boutique is open by appointment only, however an online store is currently being developed for 24-hour Turkish towel binges.

Bask Miami

301 NE 79th St, Miami, FL 33138, USA