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And Miami's Most Date-Worthy Chef Is...

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And we have a winner! Miami's most date-worthy chef is... Deme Lomas from Niu Kitchen!

Deme Lomas, voted Miami's most date-worthy chef by Racked readers!
Deme Lomas, voted Miami's most date-worthy chef by Racked readers!

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Miami's food scene might be hot year round, but it comes to a boil during the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. The city's culinary prowess climaxes with an influx of attractive and mouthwatering chefs who bring everything they've got at 75 plus events over a four day span, however we don't need foreign chefs coming to sizzle things up; we have our own fair share of attractive chefs who are as steamy as the plates they dish out.

From jazz players and donut makers to sweet talkers and bad boys, Miami's got a flavor for every palate. Here are the hottest chefs you can relish in, plus the events you can spot them at during the 15th annual SBWFF. Have you fallen in love yet? Vote for your favorite culinary heartthrob on the bottom of this page. Voting ends on Friday at 9am.

Jeremy Ford

Photo: Matador Room

There's nothing better than a guy who pays attention to detail, and Jeremy Ford has got it. Catch the current Top Chef contestant (who's kicking ass we might add) and executive chef at Matador Room (he's Jean-Georges Vogerichten's protégé) at Best of the Best at the SBWFF. Don't ask him for any spoilers. Do ask him to say something in French and respond with je t'aime.

Deme Lomas

Photo: Demi Lomas

Catalan charmer Deme Lomas will have you at hello with his sexy Spanish accent and piercing green eyes. Quiet and mysterious, Lomas would almost go unnoticed if it weren't for his creative genius, which includes mustard ice cream and jazz. That's right ladies, the head chef at Downtown's Catalan addition Niu Kitchen is also a musician. Watch him in action at SBWFF's Paella and Tapas by the Pool. Play your cards right and he might just serenade you.

Eileen Andrade

Photo: Eileen Andrade/Facebook

Sassy, spunky, and uber-fashionable, the beauty behind Finka Table & Tap is so irresistible even girls can't help but fall for her. Not only does she put the short hair in 'short hair don't care,' but she's walking proof that good things come in small packages. And because her grandparents are the forces behind Cuban landmark Islas Canarias, family parties will always have croquetas. Pro tip: if you haven't tried Islas Canarias croquetas or met Eileen, kill two birds with one stone by attending SBWFF's Croquetas & Champagne event in the Design District.

Giorgio Rapicavoli

Giorgio Rapicavoli/Facebook

Giorgio Rapicavoli/Facebook

Miami's undisputed heartthrob Giorgio Rapicavoli might have put a ring on it but that doesn't mean he won't still make you blush and swoon over his pasta carbonara at the always-packed Eating House or, if you're headed to SBWFF, Barilla's Italian Bites on the Beach hosted by Giada De Laurentiis. The kind of guy who will open your car door and the kind of man your mom wants you to marry, Rapicavoli's got quick wit, dope style, and an even better looking father. Score.

Jessica Levinson

Photo: Jessica Levinson

Photo: Jessica Levinson

You'd never know that Jessica Levinson is the owner of an ice cream parlor from looking at her slim physique, but that's just one of the many reasons to love this born and bred Miami girl. The others include peanut Sriracha, Champagne sorbet, Panther Coffee, and whatever other flavor of all natural ice cream she's churning out that day at Wynwood's Serendipity Creamery. Get a taste of the sweetheart and her treats at the Goya Foods Grand Tasting Village.

Alex Chang

Photo: Vagabond Restaurant

No girl can resist a bad boy, and that's exactly what 26-year-old Alex Chang is. The executive chef of Vagabond Restaurant is also the star of the documentary film Paladar, which tells the story of how he and his roommate started an underground and illegal restaurant at the University of South Carolina. Fun fact: he was originally a kinesiology major. Turned on much? It only gets better when he starts talking. Catch him at Thursday's Cobaya Dinner with Andrew Zimmern.

Max Santiago  

Max Santiago

Max Santiago/Facebook

What girl doesn't want donuts in bed? Max Santiago won't just bring you Salty Donuts in the morning; he'll make them for you. The James-Beard nominated pastry chef and master donutier of the Salty Donut might not fix your sweet tooth, but he'll sure satisfy it 
with his guava and cheese filled 24 hour raised brioche. Catch him at Sunday's Goya Foods Grand Tasting Village.

Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth

Photo: Daniel Krieger for Eater

We couldn't decide who was the better-looking blue-eye blonde in this culinary power duo, so we left them how they look best: together. While they left Miami for New York to open Root and Bone in New York, they've decided to bring their talents and good looks back to South Beach for the opening of Sarsaparilla Club at the former Morimoto spot sometime this summer. Until then, they'll be heating things up for us at the SBWFF's Lucky Chopsticks: An Asian Nigh Market. #RelationshipGoals

Juliana Gonzalez

Photo: Barceloneta

Any girl who can make a mean paella is a keeper. Case in point, Barceloneta's leading lady and executive chef Juliana Gonzalez, who will be participating at Jose Andres' poolside paella bash at the SLS South Beach. Look for the chef with long dark hair that will probably be in a envy-worthy braid.

Benjamin Murray

Photo: Azul

Photo: Azul

Fulfill your Asian craving/fetish for food and men with Azul's chef de cuisine Benjamin Murray. (Although, he prefers to be called Ben.) Soft-spoken and proper, you'd never think this nice guy with an edge is hiding tatted sleeves under that chef's jacket but much like his food, he's full of surprises. Work up some liquid courage at Wine Spectator's Best of Best event to compliment him on his faux hawk and find out for yourself.

Zak Stern

Photo: Patrick Chin

His beard game is strong and his bread game is even stronger. It's hard to believe that this kosher guy once rolled around in a Honda Accord with two 10 inch subwoofers blasting Nelly out of his car and rocking a figaro chain (true story) but that's just what makes Zak the Baker so darn sexy and charming: his ability to laugh at himself and not take anything too seriously. Except baking of course. Sure, he might be fully committed and even has an Instagram stalk-worthy baby girl (whose name is Abigail, in case you're wondering), but that doesn't mean you can't watch him waltzing around with her on repeat and think that could be us but instead he's making the city's best sourdough. Catch him at SBWFF's Exploring Israel event or the next time you stop in for a loaf at his soon to be deli.