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Sorry, Adele: Mel B Says Spice Girls Reunion Tour Isn't Set in Stone... Yet

In the meantime, she'll be SoulCycle-ing and watching The Bachelor.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

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Melanie Brown (A.K.A Scary Spice) hosted a meet and greet at Sugar Factory American Brassiere in South Beach, and as you can imagine, she def brought the zig-a-zig-ah. Oh, and Trump's new Dean of Pop Culture Jonathan Cheban also made an impromptu appearance at the candy shop on Ocean Drive, as did a group of drag queens dressed as the Spice Girls. It was like a reunion tour, but not.

As "Wannabe" coincidentally (or divinely?) played in the background, we found out that Mel B loves SoulCycle and Orange Theory, appreciates a night in, and is still mum on that Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls reunion tour rumor.

What elements of yourself did you bring to the Purple Passion Couture Pop by Mel B?

Well, I actually met Steve Davidoci [Sugar Factory owner] a few years ago. And then Kim Kardashian and I did our lollipop together about four years ago. Mine is purple passion because it's just a little bit different and I love the color purple. A lot of people opt for purple because they're either up for super bright or super dark colors, so I went somewhere in between. And it's just a fun thing to do, especially since I have kids. [Laughs] I can bribe them with my lollipop whenever I want. It's fun and sparkly!

What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to sweets?

Gummy bears.

Oh my god, me too!

Not the sours ones, just the regular straight up gummy bears. Done.

Exactly. Do you have a favorite Spice Girls memory?

I have so many. From touring the world with my four best friends to meeting Nelson Mandela to being stranded in Maui and having to sleep in the car with them. I have so many different memories. From regular ones to getting to number 1 [on the charts] to traveling to meeting all these different people.

Is there one in particular that you like?

I just told you four! I can tell you like twenty-four thousand... [Laughs]

How about any wild stories?


Something that you can tell us that's kind of tame?

It involves a pony and a midget. [Laughs] I'm joking, I'm joking.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

And what's been the most surprising celebrity fan that you've encountered?

Adele! Yeah, I think she went on James Corden saying that she was an avid Spice fan. And Emma Stone, which I find hilarious.

She cries over you guys.

I know. [Laughs]

Have you ever met her?

No, I haven't. I met her over Skype one time when she was in Australia.

So I want to play a little game of This or That...

Cat or a dog?

Dog. All day long.

Sam Smith or Adele?

Oh, that's a hard one...Adele.

Adele's a fan.

There you go. [Laughs]

Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?



They're both not very attractive to me. But if I had to, Daniel Craig.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee all day long. Oh! But I do like to have coffee in the morning, then I have four teas throughout the day.

Yeah, I can't do coffee. My heart starts fluttering.

Oh, really? Damn. I need that to wake up. [Laughs]

Wine or Whiskey?

Wine. Whiskey smells like an old's like an old man drink.

A night in watching Netflix or a night out popping champagne?

Night in! I do this all the time, so a night in is good for me.

Do you have a favorite Netflix show that you watch while you're in?

I did get into Breaking Bad like years later after everybody else had been over it. Then I went to Scandal, which I love. But my favorite show that I DVR is Intervention. I find it fascinating, and I always want them to succeed in the end. Or I like to watch them really seriously be crazy. And that makes my life feel better. [Laughs] That one isn't on Netflix, but on-demand. Oh! And I did start watching The Bachelor because my friend told me to. It's the first time I've ever done that. I was interested. And The Biggest Loser too. I poured my eyes out.

So you're actually on a couple of different shows now. Being a judge on America's Got Talent, what do you look for in a performance? 

It just has to be entertaining no matter what it is. Whether you're swallowing knives or standing on top of someone's head, it has to be entertaining. Like you don't want it to stop. Whether it be singing, dancing, danger, whatever it is.

And Lip Sync Battle UK recently premiered. Can you tell us about that?

Oh yeah! We just aired our fourth episode tonight. It's doing really really well, which is good because there's not really a script. It's not like the American version, which is quite scripted. In the British one, I can swear, I can have a drink, I can do whatever I want. It's a bit more lose, and I get to be me– the naughty me. [Laughs]

Yeah, we can't drink on American television.

I know, crazy!

And who would you love to see go head to head on the show?

Probably someone like Simon Cowell who I think would be hilarious and Lady Gaga, something random like that. [Laughs]

So you've been a performer, a judge, a host. What's been the most rewarding experience for you?

You know, I just think being happily married to my best friend, because I meet a lot of people that aren't happy in their marriages. So to have my best friend and three amazing daughters that are still amazing so far, is great.

How old are they?

They're four, eight, and seventeen.

And how often do you visit Miami?

Not as often as I should do. Every time I come here I'm like, ‘Damn, it's so much fun here.'

What's your favorite thing to do when you visit the city?

You don't want to know... I'm joking. [Laughs] I like to go to the beach, I like to hangout with my friends, I like to workout. They have a great SoulCycle and OrangeTheory. Then, I got to go to a place called E11even, watch some ladies dance. Or go to the Palace and watch the dragettes.

So do you have any travel plans with your Spice girlfriends?

Nothing is set in stone yet but, I mean, we'll see.

Do you hangout with them?

Yeah, I do. [Laughs]

And there's a rumor about a Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls get together...

I love the Backstreet Boys, but they just came off a cruise or something like that. So we'll see...

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Till then, spice up your life with this "reunion" photo and zig-a-zig-ah!

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