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Ashley Benson Is in the Dark About the Next Season of Pretty Little Liars

Taking the secrets of this season to the grave.

Getty Images/Gustavo Caballero

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Pretty little liar, Ashley Benson, paid a visit to the Magic City this week to celebrate her January cover for Ocean Drive magazine, where she revealed she was rejected from a Hollywood role for being "too fat." Seriously?

It just so happened to be the 23rd anniversary of our favorite beach read, so Ocean Drive and Komodo restaurant fused together to throw a major party for the occasion. Specialty cocktails, Asian cuisines, an after-party rager at LIV nightclub was the talk of the town.

We had a short tête-à-tête with this month's cover girl and got some deets on her hit TV show and some of her must-have Miami essentials.

How has the five-year time jump changed your experience in filming Pretty Little Liars?

It's not really that different. We just work with different people. I guess that's the biggest difference. I'm not with Caleb anymore, obviously.

I still have to catch up with this season... [Laughs]

Oh! Yeah, sorry. [Laughs]

Can you tell us anything about the future of PLL?

I have no idea, to be honest. We start filming end of March. I have no idea what they're planning. They never tell us. I'm still in the dark like you guys are.

Do you have any other upcoming projects that you're excited about?

Yeah, I have a movie coming out called Elvis & Nixon, which is pretty cool. And one called Chronically Metropolitan. They're both Indie films.

You're now on the cover of Ocean Drive Magazine. Do you remember your first ever cover?

Yeah! My first cover magazine was Seventeen.

What's your favorite thing to do when you visit Miami?

I've only been here twice. Um, lay out on the beach, which we didn't get to do today, but maybe tomorrow? [Laughs]

Yeah, it's been awful weather lately.

The worst! [Laughs]

And what are your top three essentials that you need to have when you visit the city?

Bug spray because I get eaten alive, sunblock, and anything to de-frizz your hair because this humidity is crazy!


Now better lock it, in your pocket and take this secret to the grave.