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Vigorme, the North Miami Wellness Center That's Combating Your Stress and Anxiety

Mind balancing treatments, Dead Sea salt therapy, and more to get your mind and body in check.


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Imagine waking up one day, completely devoid of negative thoughts. There's no wishing terrible things unto anybody who cuts you off in traffic, no impatience experienced at the grocery store because the woman in front of you is paying with pennies. More importantly, there's no self-doubt in your mind, no questions incessantly pestering you about everything, and no thinking that the world is out to get you. Rather, you're seeing life through rose-colored glasses (with a heightened sense of focus and memory), all day every day.

This is the world you could live in by becoming a regular or member at VigorMe, a well being center in North Miami Beach that's changing up Miami's alternative health game. "Everything we have at Vigorme is designed to reduce stress physically, emotionally, and mentally, says VigorMe founder Deahni Kipnis.

The center offers four non-invasive therapies. One of the most unique treatments here at the center is Harmonial Therapy, an audiovisual sensory experience that stimulates the receptors of the body through sound, sight and smell, and is designed to reduce anxiety, addiction, stress, insomnia, and a number of other mental ailments. "Only 14 people in the country have this technology," says Kipnis. The system is based off of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine and is so effective, it's been adopted by a psychiatrist at a leading hospital here in Miami.

Harmonial Biofeedback Therapy at VigorMe/Photo: VigorMe

Here's how it works: you'll walk into a room and make yourself comfortable on a plush leather chair. After answering a series of yes or no questions, which will customize your session, the cinematic experience will commence. You'll put on headphones, sit back, and enjoy a 30-minute-long audio, visual, and aromatic cinema of colors, images, sounds, and scents.

My test resulted in the color green, which means heart in chakra terms. I started off with a series of trippy swirls and hallucinogenic visuals, which lead me to a serene meadow where it was raining. My second experience, on the other hand, revolved around the color orange, which is your second or sacral chakra. It's tied to emotions, creativity, and sexuality, which exposed me to a canyon-like setting, and then a blazing fire. Both experiences eventually lead me to a pathway of hope– an ever-changing boulevard composed of falling rose petals, leaves, gold, the rainbow, and other fabulous things– that ended with a red gate and an awe-inspiring white light.

Disclaimer: You might cry during one of your experiences, but Kipnis says that's a good thing. "It's the only system that harmonizes and synchronizes the frequencies of color, sound and aroma into a sensory experience." The information is received by your pineal gland, responsible for activating your third eye and intuitive chakra, as well as releasing serotonin, the Harmonial treatment balances the creative (right) and logical (left) sides of your brain. Twelve visits in two months (eight during the first month and four during the second) is what it takes for Harmonial to do its job, altering your thought process and changing the way you see the world.

"We've had clients who've completely gotten off anti-depressants," says Kipnis. From there, you can keep doing it as you see fit, like when you feel insanity's or anxiety's ugly head rearing up.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy at VigorMe/Photo: VigorMe

But that's just one of the future-forward and alternative frequency-based therapies VigorMe is offering. The other, Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), is a patented technology that increases microcirculation in the body in just 30 minutes. BEMER (the device that VigorMe uses) has recently been contracted with NASA to make the world's first electromagnetic spacesuit, increasing microcirculation for space travel. In the words of Marty McFly: that's heavy, Doc.

"The body is naturally designed to heal itself as long as it's in good condition. The problem is that our world is toxic," says Kipnis. "There are things we can do that help our body heal that are preventative and don't require doctors to administer procedures or prescriptions that just evade the problem. All sorts of amazing things start to happen when your body is in the right condition to heal itself."

Cataracts and glaucoma are just a few of the diseases Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy aides. According to Kipnis, arthritis, dialysis, and even animals can be treated with this device as well.

Photo: VigorMe

If these treatments sound a bit like a foreign language to you, it might be worth experimenting with VigorMe's more widespread alternative practices, like salt therapy or electro-lymphatic drainage. The latter is praised by celebs for detoxifying the body, which may result in younger, more seemingly glowing skin. While lymphatic drainage is most commonly applied through manual stimulation (i.e. uncomfortable massages), VigorMe has devices, the Lymph Drainage XP2 and miHealth, which work ten times faster and are fully painless. "Anyone suffering from arthritis, joint pain, or migraines ought to give this a try," advises Kipnis.

As for salt therapy (also known as halotherapy), you're breathing in a room enclosed by 20 thousand pounds of pure Dead Sea salt for 45 minutes. It's best for those with respiratory issues and for those suffering from asthma. "We've gotten people who've used inhalers for over 20 years and got rid of them in a just a few months." Asthma or not, it's no secret that salt has a plethora of healing properties and that its negative ions increase oxygen flow in the body, whether you're depressed, stressed, fatigued or you're suffering from exhaustion, acne, or insomnia.

"We're already looking for a second location; we're thinking somewhere in South Miami," Kipnis confesses. "Our goal is for VigorMe to be like the Starbucks of holistic health and well being. We plan on having one in every neighborhood." Get ready to become addicted to feeling good.


3749 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160, USA