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The Saga Has Ended: Walmart Breaks Ground in Midtown Miami

A rendering of Walmart in Midtown Miami
A rendering of Walmart in Midtown Miami

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Well proponents of Walmart in Midtown, you've gotten your wish. According to our friends over at Curbed Miami, they've already started construction on the behemoth three-story store, located in the empty lot adjacent to PetsMart on North Miami Ave. and Midtown Blvd.

Walmart in Midtown has been in the works for about four years now, but its opening has been stalled due to much opposition from Midtown residents and others who are vehemently opposed to this big box retailer in the area.

There were appeals made over prematurely-approved zoning ordinances relating to loading berths, viral campaigns published rallying support, arguments over aesthetics, and a whole lot of hoopla overall. In the end, though, the world's biggest retailer won against a small set of local activists. While not victorious, these activists were able to help delay the store's opening which, at one point, was slated for 2014.

Marshall's, Ross, and now Walmart? Midtown Miami has swiftly gained the reputation for being Miami's best bang-for-your-buck, mixed use space.