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13 Miami Fitness Pros to Follow on Instagram This Instant

Sara Quiriconi

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It's the new year, which means, you've probably planned for a new, full-proof regimen to be the person you resolved to be December 31st. A new budget-friendly gym to keep you fit? Check. A new facial spot to keep a healthy beauty routine? Check. Now, all you need is someone to keep you motivated on a daily basis. Someone you can check in on everyday. Someone who shows you how to be your best self via photos and videos. Someone, perhaps, with an Instagram account.

In the same spirit of adding new routines to your life, here are thirteen local fitness gurus you should be following on Instagram right now, from yoga instructors to personal trainers and everything in between.

Who: Sara Quiriconi

Why: This Miami-based yoga teacher is also a life coach and an empathetic badass. You can catch her in a group class at several locations like Anatomy 1220, The Standard Hotel, or a Whole Foods Garage, or you can book her for a private session. She even offers online vids so you can practice anywhere, anytime using your mobile devices. It's like Netflix with a side of yoga.

A photo posted by Emily Bench (@embench) on

Who: Emily Bench

Why: Founder of Pilathon, where you can take rooftop yoga sessions in the heart of Wynwood, Emily Bench is all about clean moves and clean eats. Through her page you'll get inspired to whip up your own healthy meals, but only after you've done a session up on the roof.

A photo posted by Royal G. (@royalelite_fit) on

Who: Daniel Royal Georges

Why: Daniel Royal Georges is a personal trainer and a professional model and he has style. He'll inspire you to inspire your man to pick up a kettle bell and a nice blazer. Plus, if you book him, you'll get in shape just in time for bikini season.

Who: April Buchwald

Why: April Buchwald is an advanced personal trainer at Body and Soul Miami who makes sure to teach the fundamentals of movement and strength. Her Instagram shows tidbits of what she has her clients do. Plus, she's a world traveler, so you'll get killer views on your feed that'll inspire you to do a squat on a mountain cliff.

Who: Jô Damiani

Why: This fitness expert trains from home and has hundreds of videos on her Instagram showing body sculpting moves that you can do without ever leaving your household. Her playlist is pretty sweet and, most importantly, she understands the significance of a good burger.

Who: Kat Bilanchone

Why: When she's not writing for, Kat Bilanchone teaches her moves at Corpo Yoga Studio and hosts free yoga + happy hour events throughout the city. Follow her and you'll have a fit and bubbly year ahead of you.

A photo posted by Missy G. (@missyg_fit) on

Who: Melissa Gomez

Why: Melissa Gomez is a personal trainer at TFiT360, but if you want to learn from her on a virtual level, just check out her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. She makes working out look like a fun pastime, as she's an expert at using every inch of the city to get a good plank in (with a stunning view). Park benches, tennis nets– anything you can think of is workout equipment.

A photo posted by Kellen Lemos (@kellfit) on

Who: Kellen Lemos

Why: Kellen Lemos is the best kind of fitness and health enthusiast– the stay at home kind. She posts short workout videos all from the comfort of her home, so if you're the kind of person who just can't get out of the house, this is your girl. Who knew your kitchen wall was just what you needed to get a full body workout?

Who: Ernanda Bendtsen

Why: You know that voice inside your head that says you're Beyonce? It's probably Ernanda. She's part model, part crossfire trainer, part NPC champ, and probably part krypton. Aside from that, she spews out motivation on all her Instagram vids. Ten seconds of her each day is all you need for you to believe that you're Beyonce.

Who: Kateleen Bash

Why: From Miami's beaches to Colorado's mountains, this local yoga enthusiast is planking at every stop. She hosts yoga sessions throughout the city, including Crunch Gym at Miami Beach and at various parks. Follow her and you're on your way to becoming a true yogi.

Who: Christina Kotalik

Why: First of all, she's got a cute pup named Riley that gives TunaMeltsMyHeart a run for his money. But aside from being a dog lover, she teaches yoga at Miami Yoga Brickell and at the Love Life Wellness Center in Wynwood. Plus, she's a part of Real Housewife of Miami Joanna Krupa's squad.

Who: Alexander Karpov

Why: This Russian beaut can be your very own personal trainer. He's a Future Labs athlete with literal abs of steel. Don't me believe? Click follow and you'll get a daily feed of a man who could be Superman's distant cousin from Russia with a Miami skyline view.

Who: Janet Jones

Why: Founder of the Vixen workout and winner of our Hottest Trainer competition, Janet Jones teaches this booty poppin' exercise in various Miami locations, including Body and Soul Miami. If you'd rather dance out your calories, look to this cool chic for inspiration. The first step to join her vixen army is following her on the gram.