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DJ Khaled's Key To Working Out Is DJ Khaled

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The King of the elliptical just let everyone in on his workout regimen. And as you might have guessed, it involves more talking than walking.

Complex paid a visit to DJ Khaled's Miami mansion to get an inside scoop on his fitness routines. He begins with a light warm up before he delves into a series of cardio exercises. Jumping jacks, high-knee jumps, 30-minute intervals on the elliptical, sumo squats followed by a quick meditation to finish off is what keeps him physically mentally fit. He's mostly giving us words of wisdom like, "They want me to lose! That will never happen!" and "It's a cold world, so bundle the summer." The power of Khaled's word is strong, stronger than his glutes. Even the White House made their snapchat debut by quoting the King himself.

With a key to the city of Miami, a recently opened restaurant in Miami Gardens, Finga Licking, and a new humble abode in the Magic City, we can maybe learn thing or two from his 10-second motivational talks.

And always remember...when it's summer, it's freezing.