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8 Reasons Why Florida Is the Third Most Popular State on Instagram

Beaches, palm trees, Disney World? We rest our case.


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Beaches that span hundreds of miles, colorful marine life, swamps that are unrivaled– you have to admit Florida is a pretty unique and picturesque place. Pixable, a site that sources sharable digital content through the web, painstakingly looked up the hashtag count of all 50 states, Huffington Post pointed out, and found that Florida was the third most hash tagged state in the entire country.

But why? We've proceeded to list off a few notable reasons in no particular order. Let us know in the comments if we missed one, or tag us in a great shot on Instagram.

1. Beaches

Tropical beaches, white sand beaches, deserted beaches, beaches with fancy hotels on them. You name a beach and we've got it. Bring a beach chair (or bring enough cash for one) and enjoy.

2. Tropical Foliage

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Tropical flora and fauna, mangroves, and mossy trees– It's not uncommon to hear someone say "I moved down here for the palm trees." Think of that next time you sit under one like it's NBD.

3. Fresh Florida Citrus

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There's no better smell than fresh Florida oranges, so get off the turnpike, roll down your windows, and drive through the states windy orange lined roads.

4. Disney World

Your state might have mountains and snow, but can you claim the Happiest Place on Earth? We didn't think so.

5. The Everglades

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Any southern state can claim that they have a swamp, but only Florida has the Everglades, America's "River of Grass." If you spot a gator, count yourself lucky. If you don't, watch your back.

6. Spring Break

Whether it was Panama City or South Beach, it was fun... from what we can remember.

7. Marine Life

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Snorkeling, diving, fishing, or boating– you can't properly appreciate Florida unless you dive into the ocean and appreciate our diverse marine life, from dolphins to manatees, and sword fish to mahi mahi.

8. Florida Sunsets

No,I can't slow down I can't hold back Though you know I wish I could There ain't no rest for the wicked Until we close our eyes for good...

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There's nothing like them.