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Bike Alert! Cyc Fitness Might Be Opening a Studio in Miami

Facebook/Cyc Fitness

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SoulCycle? Check. FlyWheel? Check! Could Cyc Fitness be rounding out the trifecta of major cycling studios in Miami?

It's possible! We have word from a highly credible source that the team may be looking for studio space in the Miami area (South Beach? Coral Gables? Aventura, maybe?).

Cyc Fitness is a high powered, 45-minute workout that incorporates weights, awesome playlists, a bit of charity work (for every mile you ride, money gets donated to a studio charity of your choice), and plenty of adrenaline. It opened first in Madison, Wisconsin and now has studios in Atlanta, New York, Boston, and Austin. It's also known for doing pop-up spin studios practically anywhere, from hotel rooftops to ritzy bars and, most recently, music festivals like TomorrowWorld. Nothing's set in stone yet, but we have our eyes and ears peeled.