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There's a Snake in My... Jeans? Wild Python Found at a Homestead Flea Market


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Next time you reach into a pile of denim at a flea market, beware of what could be lurking underneath. Over the weekend, Miami Dade Fire Rescue caught a Burmese Python hanging out inside a pile of denim, apparently digesting last night's meal.

According to Local 10, a woman was rummaging through some clothing when she discovered the snake, which Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lt. Scott Mullen estimated to be about 7 feet long after he removed the snake. USA Today reports it was 8 feet long and 40 pounds.

The snake was turned into Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, however USA Today also mentioned that since it's not native to Florida it may be put down. Who knows? Maybe he'll end up back at that same flea one day as a belt. Poor guy, he was just looking for a cozy place to chill and shop.