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Reebok and Shoe Gallery Have Designed 'Mariel' Inspired Sneakers

Pitbull already owns a pair.

Facebook/Shoe Gallery

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The Reebok Ventilator. Your grandfather wore it when it came out 25 years ago. He probably still wears it today. And on the off chance he rode over to Miami with thousands of other Cuban refugees during the Mariel boatlift, he (and you) can now own one to honor his journey to freedom.

Miami's top sneaker store, Shoe Gallery, has collaborated with Reebok to release an exclusive design for the brand's Ventilator sneaker inspired entirely by the Mariel Boatlift. It's a pretty modern, albeit luxurious, take. The sneaker is meant to mimic a boat sailing through Miami's waters, with a stark white exterior, smooth blue lining like Biscayne Bay, and an embossed boat registration number coupled with anchor graphics under the outsole.

The shoes are sold exclusively at Sneaker Gallery and drop this Saturday. Unless you're Pitbull. Then you already have a pair.