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Double the Fun: Kit + Ace to Open a Second Miami Store

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Kit & Ace's Coconut Grove shop is well underway, but the Canadian retailer (known for its technical cashmere) is bound to open yet another shop, this time in Miami's new "It" boutique neighborhood, Wynwood.

"Wynwood Arts District is a hub of creativity," explained JJ, Co-founder and Head of Brand at Kit and Ace in a statement. "As a company that looks to drive creative dialogue, Wynwood is the perfect fit - we're excited open up shop and build real connections with locals."

The store is slated to open on the first week of November on the same street as MVM, where The Orchid Boutique just opened a swimwear store. Kit & Ace is designed for the creative who desires a bit of casual luxury in their wardrobe (like light weight and high end cashmere tees).

Like all its Kit + Ace shops, this one's bound to hold local elements, like a supper table made by local artisans (for creative dinnertime) or an exhibit space for local artist's works. Coconut Groves, for example, will have its supper club table and feature lights designed by Design Pub (artist Brookhart Jonquil pitched in with the lighting), and street artist Johnny Robles is exhibiting his artwork at this location.

"The creative culture in Wynwood is undeniable," said Shannon, Co-founder and Creative Director at Kit and Ace. "Thirty percent of our shop elements are created by the local creative class and we can't wait to collaborate with them. The space is going to be incredible."

Kit & Ace

219 Northwest 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127, USA