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Dwyane Wade On His Bizarre Fashion Choices: 'Y’all need to catch up'

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Recognize the guy on the October issue of Ocean Drive Magazine? Of course you do. It's Dwyane Wade, one of the fashion world's most recognized basketball players, not to mention the Miami Heat's most revered player. A sock collection, road trip-inspired ties, an underwear line? The man is into fashion, but lately his choices, at least editorially, have been a bit bizarre. And so in his cover story he explains that, in short, we just need to chill out.

"I'm glad I'm not that guy who cares about people's reactions," Wade tells Ocean Drive. "I'm always in some moment in fashion that's controversial because I push the boundaries or I'm comfortable doing things that people might not understand. I get a kick out of people's reactions. I go on Instagram. I like photos that I think are funny, because I'm in on the joke."

Dwyane was tapped in by the CFDA to be an ambassador at New York Fashion Week: Men's, and its obvious why: he's one of the best dressed players in the game. Even Anna Wintour agrees. So stop judging him, and just let him do his thing. As Wade puts it:

"We are in a world today where freedom of expression is okay," says Wade. "It's okay to be who you are in today's society. I tell my kids that we are in a different time, so anyone who is still back in the early 2000s, y'all need to catch up. I'm all about freedom of expression and doing what you are comfortable with. I just try to do what I'm comfortable with and if it's pushing boundaries, if it's pushing through a door, then I'm all for it."