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Find Your Next Favorite Day Off Look at Marine Layer, Wynwood's Newest Shop

Your next favorite button-down in medium, large, or "marge."

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What do you do when your girlfriend throws out your favorite old raggedy button-down? If you're Mike Natenshon, you create a brand new one and then eventually make a business out of it. Welcome to WynwoodMarine Layer.

Before you walk past the store and write it off as a surf shop, step inside. There are no surfboards or swim trunks (ok, maybe a few swim trunks), but instead the softest button downs and tees you've ever felt for both men and women. Like, seriously soft. Most of it's made in America (otherwise in an ethical factory in Thailand) and designed for your perfect day off. The men's button downs are even cut in a way so that you can't tuck them in, and come in a size "Marge," for those gentlemen who aren't exactly a medium, but aren't exactly a large either.

If you see something, grab it. Everything in Marine Layer is made in small batches and limited runs so they're constantly switching up the game here, whether it's a beachy maxi dress or your perfect oversized tee. And the prices are justified by the softness of the garments. Men's tees are about $39 and most button downs are $98. As for women, tees start at about $39 and other pieces like skirts and knits run at about $78, but there are sales (like the brand's ongoing three tees for $100), so watch out for those on the reg. Stop by, grab a beer (they're complimentary), and browse around for your next go-to shirt your girlfriend won't be throwing away.