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Adrienne Bosh's Sparkle and Shine, Darling Should Be Opening Soon!

Facebook/Sparkle + Shine, Darling

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If you, too, have been driving down Alton Road wondering when Adrienne Bosh's glittery and girly store, Sparkle and Shine, Darling, will open, has your answer. In an interview with Mrs. Bosh, the site reveals that the store should be opening some time at the end of summer. Expect champagne and girly treats, like macarons.

The venue will be part boutique, part event space and Adrienne explained that the idea came from a birthday trip to Paris that her hubby planned for her and her friends.

"One afternoon [in Paris], my friends decorated our suite's balcony with treasures they had collected and secretly toted from home. The space had been transformed into a spectacular, vintage-themed Parisian champagne tea party. That entire experience — the quality time with my girlfriends, the glamour of dressing up, the glitz of a beautiful place, the excitement and awe — had me on top of the freaking world. I wanted to bring that experience and that feeling to other women."

Sparkle and Shine, Darling

1665 Alton Road #101, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA