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MTV's Trippy VMA Promos Were Designed By Miami-Born Artist Jen Stark

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Jen Stark is on fire. Over the past few months her trippy artwork has overtaken a terminal at Miami International Airport, a section of the Facebook building, The Surf Lodge in Montauk, and a special edition cover for Cosmopolitan Magazine. You may not have caught those, but you most definitely did catch her psychedelic ooze dripping through the VMA promos yesterday, and you had to admit, it was pretty damn cool.

The Miami born artist (who now resides in LA) is known best for her rainbow-hued layered paper cutouts which give you the optical illusion of a crater that has no end, or rainbow goo that just keeps on going. Miley Cyrus took note, and pushed for her to design the visuals for the awards show. "She really likes my work and has lots of say in the visual side of the [VMA] show, so she's really pushing my work — which is amazing," she told the Miami New Times in an interview earlier this month. With Miley's seal of approval, we think Stark's just fallen deeper into her own worm hole of success.