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Oh No! Grove Vintage Shop Sale Rack to Close and Move Online

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The Grove's retail landscape is changing. Sale Rack, a longtime vintage favorite in the area, is closing up shop and moving all of its operations and inventory online. Coconut Grove Times reports that the store has been located in Coconut Grove since 2009.

Everything in the store is 40 percent off until Sale Rack officially closes its brick and mortar location, which will be on or before August 15th. After that you'll be able to scour for affordable vintage goods, and if you still need your IRL vintage fix, an employee told us that Sale Rack will be hosting frequent pop-up shops throughout the coming months. The first one to take place will be on September 12th at Vinos in The Grove, and according to Facebook, Sale Rack will pop up every third Saturday at Barracudas, as well as at Grove Ink Tattoo when Fashion Art Music Night starts up again in October.

Sale Rack

3444 Main Hwy Ste 20, Miami, FL 33133 (305) 537-6078