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Vanilla Ice Now Designs Surprisingly Nice Furniture Out of Palm Beach


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Vanilla Ice is now in the business of furniture, reports Gossip Extra. After launching a home improvement show on the DIY Network, the Wellington-based rapper has decided to launch his own 50-piece furniture collection, appropriately dubbed The Vanilla Ice Collection.

He's partnered with Eclectic Design International, a Palm Beach County-based design firm, to create the line, which features dinner tables, beds, bath tubs, sofas, patio furniture, lighting fixtures, and home decor. And before you write this Miami born rapper's new gig off as a gimmick, we'll warn you that it's actually, dare we say, quite stylish. Right now you can only score it online, but this former design student plans to open stores if it keeps going well for him.

"We make our own tables and beds right here in South Florida by hand, one by one," he tells Gossip Extra. "They selling like hot cakes, so I'm planning to open a few stores if it continues like this."