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Miami's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #15: Megan Eastman, Green Monkey

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Welcome to our second annual Hottest Trainer competition: our search for Miami's most talented fitness instructor! Over the next two weeks we'll be profiling 16 of Miami's top workout pros, and at the end you'll get to vote for your favorite one.

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The first thing you'll notice when you walk into Megan Eastman's yoga class is her smile. The second thing you'll notice is that the minute you hit the mat, your worries have somehow dissipated and you're sinking just a little bit deeper into your warrior pose, about an inch more than you thought you could. This Green Monkey instructor and Lululemon ambassador is a top of the line yogi, and her brimming classes at the company's Coral Gables studio are a testament.

"Love your body, love your mind, love yourself. You are worth it." – Megan Eastman

"I've been teaching at Green Monkey Coral Gables since it opened," she says. "I believe every class we offer compliments one another so I have learned to teach them all. I find my balance by teaching the range, from power to restorative classes. At one point in time I was teaching 20 a week! This past year I became a part of our Yoga Teacher Training Program which has always been my goal since I started teaching."

For Megan, the journey into an active career path was an easy one. As naturally born runner, she began running half marathons in college, however she injured herself while training for her first full one which is what got her into yoga in the first place. She became a studio regular at Bala Vinyasa in Naples and moved to Miami soon after to open the city's first Lululemon store (which has since moved to Merrick Park). It was then that she realized what she wanted to do.

"[Lululemon] was the best introduction to the city," she admits. "It was my job to get to know the yoga community so of course I went to Green Monkey a lot! After a year, I realized that my passion was teaching so I trained with Paul Talizious in 2010 and began teaching right after."

Miami's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #15: Megan Eastman

But don't think that teaching yoga is all baby poses and what not. As any trainer will tell you, leading a group of people can have its challenges. What's one misconception Megan would like to change? "That to be a yoga teacher you just have to be a positive person and memorize a script," she says. "It can be that, I guess, but at Green Monkey we are aiming to create powerful leaders who can inspire others to create changes in their lives on and off their mats. It takes dedication to learn how the body and mind work. You need to know a bit of physiology, anatomy, ontology, psychology and all fields of study to be a great yoga teacher."

When she's not at the studio, you can find Megan traveling, whether it's around Florida or across the globe (currently, she's traveling through Asia for the next two months). If you do happen to catch her in Miami, though, she'll be in the ocean paddle boarding, boating, or snorkeling, probably listening to tropical house. And one thing you may not know about Megan? She's a beast on the football field. "In high school I'd run routes with my dad and practice throwing and catching every weekend. My friends literally called me on my last name, Eastman."

Passion and positivity are intertwined throughout every aspect of her life. And how could it not be, when her mantra is so simple?

"Love your body, love your mind, love yourself," she advises. "You are worth it."

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