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Miami's Hottest Trainer 2015, Contestant #7: Ciara Tunstall, Pulse 163

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Welcome to our second annual Hottest Trainer competition: our search for Miami's most talented fitness instructor! Over the next two weeks we'll be profiling 16 of Miami's top workout pros, and at the end you'll get to vote for your favorite one.

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If you're looking to sculpt your body into shape, you can meet Ciara Tunstall at the barre. This St.Louis, Missouri native is Pulse 163's go-to barre and PiYo instructor, as well as the studio's assistant manager.

"I'm a midwestern girl who came to Miami with a dream, ready to make it happen." – Ciara Tunstall

"What I love most about teaching barre is my clients," she says. "Since I've always been a dancer, nothing's new. These moves are moves that I've been doing since I was young, so I really know the effect that it has on the body, and understand what muscles its working. It really speaks to me and I stand behind its message 100 percent."

Her life has always revolved around a dance floor or a stage from the moment she first began competing in beauty pageants. She went on to study dance at Western University, and has continued her practice both in the fitness world and in Miami's nightlife scene as a go-go choreographer and dancer.

Miami's Hottest Trainer 2015, Contestant #7: Ciara Tunstall

In fact, you'll pretty much find Ciara dancing even on her off time. "I love to get dressed up and go out with my friends and family. I'm all about a good happy hour with live music. I like to be sociable and network," she says.

But that's not to say this barre instructor doesn't have brains too. She's in the process of becoming a certified health coach, and the finish line is looming. "I'm a huge nerd," she admits. "I like to read and I like to research."

With a bright smile and a good attitude, this 27-year-old is poised to become a top trainer in her own right. Her mantra doesn't involve consistency, rep counts, or a bold call to action. Her secret to fitness, and life, really, lies in positivity. "Inspired thoughts lead to inspired actions," she says. "If we could just get the mind to think right, the rest will just fall in line."

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pulse 163

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