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Miami's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #2: Soeuraya Wilson, SoulCycle

Welcome to our second annual Hottest Trainer competition: our search for Miami's most talented fitness instructor! Over the next two weeks we'll be profiling 16 of Miami's top workout pros, and at the end you'll get to vote for your favorite one.

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We can thank Soeuraya Wilson for bringing the magical powers of SoulCycle to Miami. After training with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, this 25-year-old bombshell joined the SoulCycle team about a year and a half ago and took on the challenge of bringing this cult favorite workout to the Magic City.

"It's been so awesome. What makes SoulCycle so different is that, yes, the workout is there, but it's so much more than just sweating. You workout from the inside, out. That's why people come and love it," she says. "It's so nice to be able to enlighten people and take weight off people's shoulders."

"This #GlitterBooty packs a mean punch. Watch out for the sparkle!"– Soeuraya Wilson

Soeuraya teaches between 12 and 15 classes a week, where she blasts Beyonce for her group of repeat riders which she's dubbed the "Glitter Booty Nation." And while she's full of energy and positivity, she'll be the first to tell you that being a cycling instructor and running your own studio is more than just blasting happy tunes and peddling to the metal.

"The biggest misconception is that our job is really easy, that we just get up there and count down and act really peppy, but there's a lot of work that goes into it." she admits. "What I say in my classes is very personal– how I'm feeling that day, what I'm struggling with. I guess we are cheerleaders in some way, but we're motivational cheerleaders."

Miami Hottest Trainer Contestant #2: Soeuraya Wilson

On her off time, you can Soeuraya shopping at Lululemon, munching out at Doraku Sushi, or just exploring the Sunshine State. "Mondays are my adventure days. I love going to the beach, going to the movies. I mean, I relax a lot because my job is so physical."

But a gal like Soeuraya can't relax for too long, not when there's so much to be accomplished and enjoyed. Take a cue from her book of fitness advice: "One of my favorite sayings is 'Just say yes.' There are so many things we're afraid of and we think too much. We psych ourselves out... Take it at your own pace and try not to have too many expectations for yourself."

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