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Miami Startup Creates a Bike-Powered Charging Device


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Cycling through the neighborhood without a Mofi? A Miami-based start-up, Spinetics, has set out to solve your wireless woes by creating a device that converts wheel rotations into power that can charge USB-compatible devices. That's a win for Miami's tech startup scene!

Dubbed the CydeKick Pro, it's basically a car charger, but for your bike, as Cool Hunting points out, and it doesn't slow down or hinder it all. In addition to phones, the device can chargephones, GPS, action cameras, and any other device that's charged via USB cable. Plus, there's even a mini version!

You can find the CydeKick Pro online for $150 through Spinetics's just-launched Kickstarter campaign. Plus you have the chance of winning a bike decorated by one of three Miami-based artists.