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Kim Kardashian Takes Wynwood as Audrey Hepburn For 'Batshit Crazy' Energy Drink Commercial

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Channeling Marilyn Monroe is one thing for the gorgeously full-figured Kim Kardashian, but channeling a conservatively dressed, waif thin Audrey Hepburn? That's something we thought the mom-to-be could never pull off, but as the newest ambassador for Hype Energy Drink, she nails it in a new, kind of bizarre, two-minute-and-thirty-second-long commercial, shot in Wynwood, no less.

In the commercial, which was shot in April, we see Kardashian flaunting a pixie cut and all black, turtleneck ensemble (which is even more bizarre, because who owns a turtleneck in Miami?) as she rides her bike through Wynwood. She falls off her cruiser and a pile of Hype cans roll out, as Kardashian drifts into a dreamlike state where she becomes Marie Antoinette and does practically nothing except drink Hype out of a glass chalice, which wouldn't actually keep her awake in real life.

She then wakes up, which is cool, but then we're transported into another dreamlike sequence where, as Racked puts it, "she briefly turns into some sort of questionably corn-rowed clubber?" We'll leave you to make your own assumptions. In the meantime, tack Wynwood onto your "Kardashian Tour of Miami" map, along with The Webster, Sugar Factory, and The Versace Mansion.