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A 'One Size Fits All' Fitness Store Has Opened in South Beach

Up Vibe

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Looks like Lululemon and Athleta may have some competition. Up Vibe, a local Brazilian activewear company, has recently opened a retail outpost in South Beach, at 219 7th Street between Collins and Washington Avenues and offers leggings, shorts, tanks, and jumpsuits. The size range? ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

Yep, it's like the sisterhood of the traveling workout pants, so how does it work? Up Vibe uses a Supplex fabric that's blended with Lycra, and the result is a material that stretches up to 500 percent, dries quickly, and maintains its shape. Also consider that the brand was founded by two Brazilian women, Priscilla Branco Haisley and Barbara Sanches, so curves were definitely considered. Up Vibe Fitness Wear is available in nine boutiques within the United States and throughout 14 different countries, from Australia to The Netherlands, but we're the only city to have a brick and mortar shop.

"Our presence has always been felt in South Florida because of our extensive online business and worldwide authorized sellers, "explained Haisley. " But since Miami is an international destination for shopping, we responded to the consumer demand for a brick and mortar boutique in the heart of South Beach to cater to both locals and out-of-town visitors."

Up Vibe Fitness Wear

219 7th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA