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Jugofresh Now Sells Ice Cream That's So Healthy, You Could Have It For Breakfast


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Jugofresh has done the impossible: make ice cream healthy. After expanding to North Miami and Coral Gables, the Miami-based juicery is releasing Juicecream, its own vegan ice cream made of juice, coconut meat, dates, and only ingredients and flavors you can pronounce. It's available only at Jugofresh Coral Gables.

They say this sorbet-textured stuff is so healthy you could have it for breakfast; there are no preservatives, fillers, binding agents, etc. For now there are two flavor families you could choose from: greens (think celery, kale, apple, green tea, parsley) and roots and fruits (think watermelon, mint, strawberry, honeydew). Plus you could get cookie dough, blueberries, and sweet cacao nibs as toppings (to name a few)!


2516 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33134