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All-American Watchmaker Shinola and Eyewear Co. Illesteva Are Opening in Wynwood!


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It's a great day for Wynwood retail. Shinola, the Detroit-based watch, leather goods, and bike brand (among other things), is opening its first store in the Southeast, right next door to where hip eyewear company Illesteva will be opening too.

Real Deal reports that the store will be located on Northwest Second Avenue and should be opening between October and December. It's taking over the former Elemental space, which is one of our Home Goods 38 picks (it still operates online). We'll find out more for you about Illesteva, but we're noticing a trend here: eyewear brands LOVE Wynwood. Italia Independent is slated to open in Wynwood Block (it's been forever already), and a number of other eyewear stores are scattered within the area.