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Meet Skrillex, Avid Cat and Hialeah Enthusiast

Ok, we have to ask: is the photo legit?


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Skrillex, is that you in a "Hialeah" snapback? The EDM DJ, producer, and singer posted a photo on Instagram flaunting local brand IAE's very popular hat, all while holding a seemingly disgruntled cat. A photo posted by skrillex (@skrillex) on

After falling (royally) for a stunt pulled by one Hialeah hoaxer, wherein Jay-Z flaunted an IAE tee with the same lettering, we're skeptical. Could Skrillex, master of Zedd, collaborator with Justin Beiber, be a fan of "The City of Progress," one of the worst cities for singles in America?

Seeing as the photo was posted on his own Instagram account last week and he was just in Miami for a concert, then it's probably legit. You know what they say: Hialeah–agua, fango, y... Skrillex?