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Get Married Like a Mermaid in Fort Lauderdale, Fins Included

Photo: B Ocean Resort
Photo: B Ocean Resort

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If you A) use utensils as hair accessories B) own a t-shirt that says "Always be yourself... unless you can be a mermaid, then be a mermaid." and/or C) have dressed as a mermaid for seven one or more Halloweens in your adult life, then forego everything else that's Weddings Week-related on this site and consider this: the B Ocean Fort Lauderdale offers a Mermaid Wedding package. Yes, A FULL-BLOWN MERMAID WEDDING PACKAGE. We'll let that sink in.

So what does this entail? As up to 50 of your closest human friends and family members crowd into the hotel's iconic Wreck Bar (yep, the same castaway-themed bar featured in Analyze This, built in the 50s), you and your betrothed will take your final gasps of air on land before you take the plunge for a ten-minute, submerged ceremony, which your friends and family will watch through the bar's portholes. On the days leading up to the ceremony, you'll both be fitted for your tails to flaunt in a personalized photo shoot, and you'll learn a few tricks and techniques from the hotel's own in-house mermaid for an additional fee. (Only in Florida, right)?

The package starts at $105 per person and includes the epic underwater ceremony, plus a 30-minute ceremony on dry land (because we are humans, after all), a champagne toast, and a one and a half hour reception at the Wreck Bar.

B Ocean Resort

1140 Seabreeze Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA