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Old Timey Hat Store Goorin Bros. Has Opened on Lincoln Road!

The Goorin Bros. Store in Pasadena, California
The Goorin Bros. Store in Pasadena, California
Facebook/Goorin Brothers

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Goorin Brothers, that 120-year-old hat brand we raved about a few months ago, has finally opened on Lincoln Road!

Whereas most stores that open in South Beach try to incorporate the lay of the land (modern furniture, sleek design, palm trees, lots of them), this new Goorin Bros., the first to open in Florida, stays true to its rustic milliner image, with oriental carpets, dark wood furniture, and vintage trunks and radios to decorate. The only thing that differentiates it from the other 35 Goorin Bros. locations is the overflow of handmade floppy, straw, and Panama hats, because you can't quite fathom a flatcap on the beach, right?

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We mean, the store also carries those, not to mention Gatsby-esque cloche hats, gangster-like wool fedoras, and good old baseball caps (this wool one is Cuba-themed!), plus feathers and other accessories at the store's very own Feather Bar, so you can tack on a bit of personality and ensure your hat is a brim above the rest. And if the hat you've taken a liking to doesn't settle on your head properly, Goorin Bros. will even resize it for you, or even let you trade it in for a different one.

Goorin Bros. is set to have a grand opening fete after August to avoid hurricane season, and from what we've observed via Facebook, these celebrations involve jazzy performances, old timey cocktails, and plenty of headwear. Hold on to your hats for now, folks.

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop

Lincoln Road Mall, 612 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA