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Miami Girl Genesis Rodriguez on Summer Beauty, Yoga Hosers, and Her Fave Local Hangouts

Her L'Oreal love stems back from her abuela, so it's no wonder this telenovela and Hollywood actress is the brand's latest Latina face.

Actress and Miami native Genesis Rodriguez has joined L'Oreal Paris's Latina lineup to bring awareness of the dangers of Melanoma with the brand's ‘It's That Worth It' campaign, a cause that hits close to home for the star.

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When Genesis isn't killing it with her comedy skills alongside co-stars like Will Ferrell and Johnny Depp, she's schooling sun worshippers on the dos and don'ts of sun exposure– one sunscreen bottle at a time. We caught up with the artificially tanned beauty at the Thompson Miami Beach, where she let us in on how she keeps her skin healthy and glowing in the LA and Miami heat.

How did you get involved in the L'Oreal Paris Campaign?
Genesis Rodriguez: They brought me into the family in November and we started working actively in the spring. It's been really exciting because L'Oreal has been a part of my household my entire life– my grandmother has used the same Ash Blonde of Preference for 30 odd years! Like I'm not kidding you. "Niña! Buscame eso en CVS o en Walgreens o no se que..." I don't know how many times I've had to get the box for her. The whole family has had to do it.

Especially growing up in Miami, I think there's even more of a concern of getting melanoma...
This is really important. Nobody talks about this and in Miami we live in the sun. You know how many girls are out there on the boat, not taking care of their skin? I see my friends and I get on their butts because I see sunspots already. I'm like, 'You're too young to have a sunspot!' [The sun] is the number one cause of wrinkles and sunspots and that ages you... I get it. I'm from Miami, I love the beach life, I love the boat life. I just use protection. I wear a gigantic hat, gigantic glasses, and I cover myself all day in SPF. It's about reapplying. That's the secret.

So let's talk about that because I know that's part of your routine.  What is your beauty routine like?
I exfoliate and cleanse everyday and if I don't moisturize, I definitely have my sunblock... At night, I do kind of the same exact routine. Living in LA, and I'll divulge my little skin secrets too, I've learned the Korean way of doing a 12-step program and if I have a lot of time that's what I'll do. I'll start with an oral cleanser, then I'll do a regular cleanser, then I'll exfoliate, then I'll tone, then I'll do a serum and then I'll do a night lotion if I'm alone and no one is seeing me do these 12 crazy steps. Then I sleep with a night mask on or a sheet mask. Nobody has to know!

Now are we taking any cues from abuela and her preference for L'Oreal? How do you maintain your hair? Is there anything that you use as well?
[I'm wearing] a Preference color right now! I shot the commercial and I'm loving
it. Everyone is going blonde now but I am totally digging this very nice chocolate. It's
really nice! L'Oreal is responsible for it and I'm happy.

When you get to come back home, what are some of your favorite beauty spots? Some of your favorite things that you love to do when you come to Miami?
I always go to the spa when I'm here. Always. It's either the Fontainebleau or the Mandarin. I love the Mandarin Spa. I just really love pampering myself. When you take time for yourself, it really comes through in your life and it shows that you care to take the time.

You're always working. You're always filming something. Is there anything we should be anticipating this year?
There's Yoga Hosers, which is a comedy, and then there's a thriller coming out, I think either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. They're two very different movies, so whatever floats your boat.

Are there any places that you love to go to when you're back in Miami? Do you hang out with friends and family while you're here?
I live in Miami Beach so I usually stick around my neighborhood. I love what's coming to Miami, like the new hotels. The Edition Hotel is pretty cool and the Soho House is always great. I always love going to Fisher [Island]. And there are so many good restaurants, finally! All I think about is where am I going to eat...