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Gee Beauty Launches Same Day Delivery in Miami

This is significantly better than a last minute CVS run.

Facebook/Gee Beauty

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Here's the scenario: You're T minus 10 hours away from boarding a plane to head on your weeklong summer getaway but... crap! You realize that you're all out of your favorite Oribe texture spray, your go-to shade of Bordeaux lipstick, and your Goldfaden face wash. Oh, and you have 1000 errands to run before you jet off. (Still haven't picked up your passport, have you)?

Put Gee Beauty on speed dial, because the Bal Harbour beauty shop has launched Gee Beauty On the Go, a next or even same day delivery service available only in Miami. Sometimes remembering to restock your favorite facial mask or bronzer is the last thing on your mind, and by the time you realize you're probably so busy it'll be days, even weeks before you can get to the store. This is why the service comes in clutch.

Intrigued? Gee Beauty will accept delivery orders by phone (305.868.3533) or by email and product orders placed before noon will be available that same day. (Sorry guys, for at home services you'll have to call in Zeel or Soothe). Procrastinators, rejoice.