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This Is the Set of Emojis Miami Needed


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On your iPhone keyboard, there are starkly clear emojis for San Francisco and New York, but, hell, there's not even a beach scene to represent our city. Although we've rightfully claimed the palm tree as our own, we're missing a few key cultural nuances here that would really drive in the point that you're "#InMiamiBitch," and so Miami New Times has come up with a set of emojis that represent the real Mee-ya-mi.

An angry woman with sharpie lip line, bongos, dominos, Cuban coffee, and a pastelito made the cut, as did a guayabera, in case you need to tell someone they require formal attire, a chancleta, the universal sign of matronly anger, and a valet stand, because how else do we park around here?