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First Look Inside Vanity Projects Miami

Vanity Projects Miami
Vanity Projects Miami

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If you think your nails are art, you aren't alone, and now you have help; Vanity Projects is the Oprah if the nail art world and they've opened a permanent space in Miami.

Nail art is nothing new, we have some pretty vivid memories of 90's flower stickers and rhinestones, but nail art that's truly art isn't easy to find. Vanity Projects is the only nail salon / gallery we can think of, plus they have  collaborations and installations at major names like the MoMa, The Brooklyn Museum, NADA Miami Beach and more under their belts.

If you're tapped into the nail art scene, you've heard of them before, or maybe even been lucky enough to frequent one of their pop ups, but now, they're here for good. You can pop into their brand new Little River location and get your nails did with Dior and other top-of-the-line brands.

Insider Tip: Check out our inspiration gallery here before you go or your head will feel like a Jackson Pollock painting with all the possibilities.

Bridal chic #handpainted by @rosebnails for Cindy!! #gelnail #nailart #VanityProjectsMIA #Vanityprojectsbridal

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Vanity Projects Miami

7338 NW Miami Ct #2, Miami, FL 33150 (786) 292-3442