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Karl Lagerfeld Hired Ten Security Guards to Cover Him in Miami After Versace's Death

Photo: Seth Browarnick
Photo: Seth Browarnick

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World Red Eye, Miami's favorite go-to photo agency, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and its founder, Seth Browarnik, shared a few stories behind his iconic celebrity photos with Page Six. The most interesting one, by far, is an anecdote he gave about a certain Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld, when he was in Miami for Art Basel in 2002, pictured above:

"This was just five years after Gianni Versace died, and Lagerfeld was on lockdown in his hotel room because he was afraid he was going to be murdered like Versace was. He arrived at the event 90 minutes late with 10 security guards."

See? Even Karl Lagerfeld runs on Miami time, even if his reasoning is a little, er, out there.