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B-Fit, Biscayne's Newest Personal Training Gym, Opens With Free Saturday Bootcamps


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After making a name for itself in Miami Lakes, B-fit's newest personal training facility has set roots in Miami's burgeoning MiMo area. Spearheaded by a team of exercise physiologists and certified strength and conditioning coaches, B-fit emphasizes and excels at building customized personal training regimens. The philosophy? "There is no such as a generalized 'perfect' workout. The ideal workout should be individualized to your needs and specific to your goals."

To keep the personalized perspective in place, B-fit bypasses themed hourly classes for small group training. These fine-tuned sessions are limited to about five people, which allows for individual attention within a supportive group environment. The B-fit team will also block out private time slots for corporate groups or fit clubs.

This tailored approach has earned B-fit a loyal following, drawing in clients from every end of fitness spectrum; from tactical SWAT teams to exercise novices looking to lose weight. A peek at the website's "success stories" backs up its standpoint with tangible fitspo, showcasing nearly a dozen before-and-after transformations.

To nod its opening, B-fit is hosting free Saturday interval bootcamps at 10am indefinitely, which will let you get a feel for the studio's practices with your friends.

B-Fit Biscayne

5080 Biscayne Blvd Ste 1B, Miami, FL 33137 (786) 422-9885