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Emporium Boutique Has Moved to Miracle Mile!


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Emporium, a popular Miami boutique, closed its doors on Monday, but not for long! The store moved from its longtime location on Ponce de Leon down a block to Miracle Mile, and this new space is bigger, better, and has a special treat for skincare and makeup lovers everywhere.

Emporium 2.0, located off the corner of Galiano st. and Coral Way, carries clothing, accessories, and little trinkets all laid out neatly within its signature aqua walls, but a bigger space calls for more brands, right? Check out its latest addition, Bad Pickle Tees, which features fun shirts that say things like "I'm All That and Dim Sum" and "I'll Guac Your World."

The biggest difference about this new shop, by far, is the fact that Emporium will soon have an entire apothecary section inside, run by Pamela Bond, founder of local skincare label, Pamela Bond Skin Fitness. There will be a number of organic facial care, body care, and makeup brands too, most notably from Bluebird Apothecary.

Emporium's apothecary section should be opening mid June, so keep an eye out for that if you want to shake up your skincare cabinet.


86 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA