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All of Miami Vice's Bad Fashion Moments in One Amazing Video

Oh, the 80s...

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Pastel double breasted suits, a pawn shop store's worth of gold jewelry on hand, oversized geometric windbreakers that could probably fit a family inside– in the 80s, that was Miami's contribution to fashion thanks to Miami Vice. In certain ways, it still is.

It's funny to see those trends boomerang once more, as every designer "inspired" by Miami as of late tends to slap on a pastel coat of paint on something and call it the "Miami collection." We're wondering if they saw this video reel NBC posted not too long ago, which pinpoints Miami Vice's "best" (read: most questionable) fashion moments.

Don Johnson, father of Dakota, Bruce Willis, John Turturro, and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons all took a bite out of this bad fashion apple, as Esquire points out, so sit back, kick up those shiny white loafers of yours, and enjoy the blast from the past.