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Keep Your Life in Order: 10 Items You Need From The Container Store

Organization freaks, this one is for you.

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If simply driving by the Container Store makes you unable to contain yourself (pun intended) - we don't blame you. With over 10,000 products, all of which are focused on organization and storage, the Container Store is a sanctuary for the OCD.

But even with all the indistinguishable order that makes up every one of their 70 stores, it can get a bit overwhelming to peruse aisle after aisle of solutions to problems you didn't even know you had. Let's face it, you were getting by just fine before you realized LED pod lights for your drawers existed.

We scoured the Container Store for 10 things that will change your life, or at the very least, make it a bit more manageable.

By Carla Torres

1. Our Boxes

It all started out with one plastic shoebox so you could see your most prized possession without having to open lids or play the guessing game. People went nuts over these babies and started using them for all sorts of things, like organizing crafts and linens, books and nail polish. Now, they've expanded to a plethora of shapes and sizes. And you can get 'em for as low as $1.31 during the spring organizational sale.

2. Treeless Wrapping Paper

Why is this wrapping it so cool? Glad you asked. First of all, it's made of calcium bicarbonate, which gives the paper a velvety feel. Disclaimer: you'll want to wrap yourself in it. It's also tear resistant (so the corners don't get you) and water-resistant (so you can throw gifts in the pool if you wanted to). But, just as the name suggests, no trees were harmed in the making.  It doesn't hurt that they've got pretty rad designs, which you can totally use as table runners too.

3. Eagle Creek Specter Compression Packs

Don't you just hate when you open your suitcase and all your stuff's veered off to one side? And then there's the unpacking and organizing things in hotel drawers and having to re-pack it again only to get home and do the same thing. Put an end to all that with Eagle Creek's Specter compression packs, which compresses clothes so you can pack more in less space and simply take these out of your suitcase and put them in your drawers just as they are with are (simply unzip the top).

4. SimpleHuman Telescoping Sensor Mirror

You need to own this telescoping sensor mirror from SimpleHuman. Yes, that SimpleHuman - the same guys who make the best trash cans in all the land. What they've done here is given you an ultra chic and functional 5X magnification mirror with a light that simulates the sun. Oh, and did we mention it's wireless (meaning you charge it and can take it with your around the house) and motion activated (so all you have to do is literally gaze into it)?

Pro tip: Head to the Dadeland location this Saturday, May 2, from 12 to 3 PM for a special event hosted by SimpleHuman. Professional makeup artists will be on site to show you makeup tips and tricks.

5. Urbio

This Shark Tank veterean lets you  grow a vertical garden about anywhere so long as you get creative. Think: kitchens with dead wall space or home office where you can play around with the design and store all your goodies in a modern fashion.

6. Huggable Hangers

These non-slip velvety hangers are about the best thing you can do for your closet. Nothing will ever fall into oblivion, and they're a huge space saver. Which, do we even have to say it, means room for more clothes. We believe the term is win-win.

7. OXO Greensaver

Stop things from spoiling fast with OXO's Greensaver products - either inserts or product keepers. The inserts are genius as you just stick them to the wall of your produce and fruit drawers, and watch them do their thing, which is to trap and absorb ethylene gas (the substance that causes produce to rot). Keepers do the same thing, except they're like Tupperware with a vent that doubles as a colander.

8. Stacker's Jewelry Wrap

Everyone is watching all the time. When you go to the container store and type something in the search box, you're being monitored. Last year, the most searched word was jewelry. The team took a hint and implemented loads of new ways to keep your earrings, necklaces, and everything in between in mint tiptop shape. One of those new ways was this item, which has detachable organizers and wraps up like a burrito stuffed with jewels. When unfolded, this gorgeous nude velvet-like jewelry "case" hangs from anywhere.

9. Laundress Products

Forget Tide or Woolite - Laundress is where it's at.  This premium eco-friendly garment care brand has everything from stain solution, to sport detergent for all your Lulelemon and swimsuits, delicate wash, and denim wash. They also make ironing water that leave your clothes feeling like they went to the dry cleaners.

10. Pop-Open Drying Rack

Dry your stuff on the fly with this easy to travel with, pop-open drying rack. You can take it to college. You can take it camping. You can take it to your boyfriend's. It's sized to fit over or inside the bathtub, so it won't take up any additional space in your place.

The Container Store

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