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Bleach Hair Addiction Swaps Nail and Skin Services for Beard Trims

Bleach Barber Shop
Bleach Barber Shop

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It's a known fact that the stylists at Bleach Hair Addiction are beasts when it comes to cool cuts and hair coloring, but did you know that the salon now has a full service barbershop next door? Bleach Barber Shop opened earlier this month and replaces Bleach Beauty Addiction, which focused on nails and skincare.

Hot shaves, beard trims- they'll do it all in this vintage-themed barbershop while making sure your beer is always cold and your wine glass is never empty. At the end, they'll finish off your shave with a eucalyptus menthol towel and send you on your way as a fresh-smelling, well-groomed gentleman.

Bleach Hair Addiction

3101 North Miami Ave. Suite 130, Miami, FL 33127 (305) 372-0206