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Lilly for Target in Miami: Everything Gone Within Minutes

By 8:30am on Sunday, almost every Target shelf in Miami had been wiped clean of its Lilly Pulitzer merchandise, but there is hope.

Photo by Luciana Padula
Photo by Luciana Padula

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By 8:05, every stitch of Lilly Pulitzer for Target in Miramar had been depleted. By 8:09, Kendall said goodbye to its last item, and by 8:12, whatever was left of Lilly for Target in Midtown lived inside of someones very full, overbrimming shopping cart. Minutes were all it took for Lilly fiends to deplete Target stores in Miami of every piece of this limited edition.

"The line was about 100 deep or so before doors opened, said Olee Fowler, editor of Eater Miami and a self-proclaimed Lilly Pulitzer fan. She scoped out Target in Kendall. "Everything in the women's section was cleared out in about eight or nine minutes. A lot of the women then crowded like vultures around the dressing rooms to get the stuff other people were trying on but didn't want."

Through frenzied, Olee admits shoppers were pretty tame. "People were behaving for the most part. Some angry shoppers were there around 8:30 and couldn't believe the stuff was already gone."

Well, things escalated rather quickly. #LillyForTarget

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Things were similar in Pembroke Pines, where just 15 to 20 people stood in line before doors opened, mostly in mother-daughter pairs. "The experience was more fun and lively than I thought," said Jillian Goltzman, editor of local Miami blog, Cup of Charisma. "In the past, I've come across some pretty rude shoppers at Target releases. My tactic was to snag a beach bag and load everything in my size into it before weening things out in the dressing room. I held onto my beach bag like it was the most important thing in my entire life." Within five minutes of opening, she says, everything was gone.

So what's left of Lilly for Target in Miami? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. We called up every single Target in Dade County and every sales associate confirmed the bleak state of inventory, which won't likely be getting replenished in any store. Your best bet would be to head to Super Target in Miramar, where a sales associate told us they still had a few beach towels left.

The silver lining, however, is that some people will end up returning what they bought (unless they join the swarm of downright dirty resellers on Ebay, who already have items listed at triple the prices). For example, Target in Kendall has already received a return from someone- one extra small blouse and a jumpsuit. But remember, there's only a small, two-week window for returns. After that, $100 Lilly dresses and $500 hammocks on eBay will be your only options.

Did you shop Lilly for Target? Were you happy with your purchases, or bummed about the lack of merchandise? We'd love to know your opinions, so let's talk about them in the comments below.