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Eva Longoria's Makeup Artist Reveals Her Biggest Celebrity Makeup Hacks

One gorgeous Latina makeup artist, five awesome and easy tricks you should try.

Is your Pinterest feed filled with closeups of Latina bombshells like Eva Longoria, Thalía, Adamari Lopez, and Laura Pausini? Besides their heritage, these four glamazons have one person in common, and her name is Claudia Betancur.

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As a L'Oreal Brand Ambassador, beauty editor of Venue Magazine, and creative consultant for Motives Cosmetics, it's safe to say this Colombian celebrity makeup artist has developed her fair share of beauty tricks. Claudia, herself, is gorgeous, so its no wonder she's a regular on locally-produced shows like Despierta America on Univision, where her tips are picked up by the masses.

We asked Claudia to spill her top five beauty hacks, those little tricks she's learned along the way while working with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and more talented Hispanic actresses and singers. Scroll through for some easy tricks, like how to lengthen the life of your mascara and how to get those luscious Latina lips you've always wanted.

Where to Start?

Always do your eyes before applying makeup your face. If the shadow smears or the mascara flakes, you'll be able to wipe it off without messing up any foundation you had applied prior.

How to Smooth Out Your Mascara

Always heat your mascara before using so it melts. That will remove any lumps which are commonly found on the brushes after much use. I usually place it in my pocket and let it sit there for a bit to warm it up.

The No Fail, Three Step Way to Curl Your Lashes

It's always better to extend your lashes with the brush in 3 steps, versus brushing them all together. That way, the brush can work on each section, similar to how you blow out your hair. Here are the steps:

1.       Start at the root.

2.       Then work the middle.

3.       Lastly, finish the ends and brush them neatly by separating each strand, that way you're able to achieve round and wide-open lashes.

The Right Way to Put on Fake Lashes

If you're into using falsies, cut them into three sections to apply them easier. When I purchase the full lashes  I always cut them because sometimes applying it all at once doesn't stick as easy as you would think. If you cut them, you're able to maneuver where you want them placed.

How to Get Full Lips Without Using Fillers

Apply concealer underneath your lips to give them more depth and volume. This trick will make you look as if you had fuller lips without having to use fillers!